Oh Ye of Little Faith…


This poor hutch.  Great bones.  So well cared for, yet now considered homely and outdated.  All true.  I get it.  However, do not underestimate the power of furniture paint!

This hutch has been on my shop floor for a very long time as a display piece.  But even I could not deny it any longer, it needed to be painted.  Here we go again…what color?  What exactly should I do with it?  Yes, I could Pinterest.  But we all know too well…three hours of scrolling, endless ideas, yet accomplishing nothing.  So, I slept on it ; ) I decided to glue vintage book pages and music on the back wall.

Top row, done.  Uhm.  Not so good.  Still not speaking to me.  So, I chose Country Chic’s Vanilla Frosting.  Painted the ceiling and sides.  Okay, getting better… but then my husband stopped by.

Me: “Hey hun”, check out the hutch I’m working on! Cute right?” Silence.

Me again: “Right?”

Husband: Scrunchy face.. .”I don’t like it”.

Me: Gasp!

However, this kind of reaction is not new to me…married 23 years 🙂  I tried to explain the rest of my vision and how it will be stunning when I am finished.  Didn’t take much to interpret his body language or his facial expressions.  He just didn’t think I could pull it off.  “Ha! Oh ye of little faith” I mumbled under my breath.


Well?  Did I succeed? Lol!

I’m not gonna lie.  I struggled with this one. It’s huge.  In order to stay motivated, I had to add the hardware half way through and distress quite a bit to stay on track!  It happens to us all.

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