Blue Suede Beauty II

If you’re one of my local customers — or even if you’re not and you’ve tried visiting my shop but had a hard time getting here — you know that the road in front of The Painted Crate was completely closed and under construction since March.  Hallelujah! Hallelujah! This section is now finished, with tall, black, vintage perfect street lights!

And while drop-in business definitely slowed down, the road closure gave me a chance to focus on furniture projects and creating pieces I love for my showroom floor. It also gave me the opportunity to put a bit of effort into business details I didn’t have time for after I first opened in September of  2016.

So while James Street was under construction, so was this website, I’m excited about the changes and additions, and I’d love for you to stay awhile and look around.  Please visit often, as I change things up a bit from time to time.

Now, onto the things that REALLY matter. My latest furniture revival!

I truly enjoy saving this style of dresser. I fell in love with the serpentine style as a young girl, and I still fall in love each and every time I see this style.

There’s just something about the curve that draws me in. I’m always oooing and aahing about the legs on a piece as well … ok that sounded a little creepy, however,  this passion is real,  mixed with a little emotional sense of knowing the carpenter took his time in the details. I respect that. I envision the carpenter ducking up and down around the edges, using his eye as the guide, making sure it is just so.


It didn’t take me long to choose Blue Suede by Mudpaint, simply because it’s an exquisite shade of blue for an exquisite piece of furniture.


That mirror … imagine the stories it could tell. Every time I pass by, I can’t help but wonder whose reflection is stored inside? Was it a gift from a father to his daughter, a husband to his wife? Whatever the take, I’m glad I could restore this beauty!

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