Meet Jade… after the rich color Jade from the Mudpaint line.    We found her sitting in a house all be herself at an estate/yard sale this summer.   I looked at my friend, Ashley, and said, “I’m not leaving without her.”  However, my mini van was packed full with other treasures found that day.  Dad to the rescue… he picked her up later that week.  As usual, I never totally inspect a piece because I  suffer from fallinlove-mustsaveyou-vowtomakeyougorgeousagain syndrome.  You laugh at me, but it’s a real syndrome!  So, after she sailed through fairly minor surgeries, this girl was screaming, “make me pretty again!”  Okay, okay, jade it is!

The top was completely sanded down to the raw wood. I  used  Gel stain (JAVA) by General Finishes, with 3 coats of  Poly (SATIN) by General Finishes as well.  For the cabinet and drawers I used Mudpaint in JADE, 2 coats.  Next, I like to mix a little bit of glaze (VAN DYKE BROWN), also from General Finishes, into the poly.  Is this the best thing to do? Probably not, but I don’t always follow the rules, as I like to experiment.  Glaze just tones down the color a smidge and adds that antique look.  However, I still use poly without the glaze as a final coat.  This glaze needs to be followed up with poly.  Trust me on that.

She is now on display at my shop and ready for her new home!

Step into my passion

Hello Everyone,

My name is Cindy and I have opened up my new store in Columbus, WI.  With the help of my family and friends, we have transformed an old automotive shop into The Painted Crate.  You will be able to find revived vintage furniture, Country Chic Paint & supplies, Bumblewood Soaps, Mudpaint,  and a touch of home décor.  Stop in and take a look!

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A Weekend in Brighton, England

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My Energizing Morning Routine

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